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Holy Roman Empire, Cleves (Duchy) - John II, Goldgulden 1503, Emmerich

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Holy Roman Empire, Cleves (Duchy)

John II, 1481-1521
Goldgulden 1503, Emmerich
Obv.: Coat of arms on an outlined trefoil combined with a triangle, within a beaded circle
(cross-crosslet) IOhS´ (star) DVX (star) CLIVEN´(star) Z (star) CO (star) MA (star) (date)
Rev.: Saint Martin standing, holding staff
S´(star) MARTIN´ - PATRO (star) E´RIO


Au (1.91 g, 22 mm, 10 h)
Fr. 1375, Schulten 1449

The coat of arms is uncommon for Cleves, and originates from the illegitimate and eventually unsuccesful claim of John II on the inheritance of his mother-in-law through his wife Mathilde of Hesse. This also explains the irregularity in the gold content (12 carat instead of 18 carat), resulting in a lower weight compared with other Goldguldens of the period. Catalogued in Friedberg at $3000 in VF